Trailing Suction Hopper Dredgers (TSHD)

The Hollandsche Yssel trailing suction hopper dredging installations are becoming well known for its robust construction, reliable operation and excellent performance. To date De Hollandsche Yssel have a variety of complete trailing suction hopper dredging installations.

This relatively new product of the Hollandsche Yssel was successfully introduced in 1998. Based on De Hollandsche Yssel standard dredging components it was a small step to supply the complete dredging gear for a trailing suction hopper installation.

Many Shipyards in the world can build the hull with propulsion of a TSHD. In close consultation with De Hollandsche Yssel engineering department the hull design is made suitable for installation of the DHY trailing suction hopper dredging installation consisting of the dredge pump, the suction pipe with drag head, the cardan and hinge, the gantries complete with winches and rams. The combination of a Shipyard and De Hollandsche Yssel can build a trailing suction hopper dredger anywhere in the world.

It is even possible, and it has been done three times already, to modify an existing sea going cargo carrier into a trailing hopper suction dredger. This is a very effective way to build a relatively low-cost TSHD. The big advantage compared to buying a second hand TSHD is that the complete dredging gear is a new, minimum maintenance, high performance, very reliable Hollandsche Yssel installation.

The current range of trailing suction hopper installations is based on the suction pipe diameter from 200 mm up to 600 mm. The TSHD hopper volume for these dredgers range from 300 up to 2500 m3.

These trailing suction hopper dredgers are used for:

  • Maintenance dredging of shallow small harbours, in Kenya, Mombassa.
  • Reclamation work, mainly sand is reclaimed in the Southern Province of Holland, Zeeland and the North Sea.
  • Sand and gravel dredging on the rivers and in the IJssel lake in Holland.
  • Beach nourishment.

Technology overview

The hopper installations are designed using standard parts. After manufacturing at our location the installation can be easily installed at any location. Different types of TSHD where build at different shipyards.

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