Media 20″ TSHD-500

20″ TSHD-500

Principal dimensions

Suction pipe diameter 500 mm
Jet pipe diameter 190 mm
Suction depth 20 m
Draghead HY-500 universal
Main dredge pump capacity 3.500 m3/hr
Jet pump capacity 900 m3/hr
Unloading pump capacity 1700 m3/hr

This 20″ or 500mm trailing suction installation with the double walled dredge pump is used to fill a 900m3 hopper in about 60 minutes. Sand is suctioned up from the bottom of the lake or river and loaded into the ship’s hopper. The ship is sailed to inland locations where it is unloaded by a crane and used for concrete production, road construction, or building projects.

  • Highly efficient fuel consumption and minimum overall operational costs
  • Directly driven heavy duty double walled dredge pump
  • Effective jet system with nozzles in draghead heel
  • Heavy duty gantries with winches
  • Swell compensator on draghead gantry
  • Heavy duty suction pipe with cardan and joint
  • Reinforced rubber suction hoses and high pressure jet water hoses
  • Standard design, allowing short delivery times
  • Standard spare parts available from stock
  • Optional equipment available
  • Hopper unloading pump system
  • Suction pipe position indicator
  • Increased dredging depth
  • Production measuring equipment

All data are indicative and subject to change.


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