For every dredging challenge there is a solution.
Besides using a dredger to transports material there are more challenges dredging companies face. De Hollandsche Yssel has build a wide variety of specials to overcome unusual problems and make work easy. A short overview of solutions show that anything is possible.


The Amfirol was build for a client with a big land reclamation project. The Amfirol is equipped with trenching tools used to dewater sediment in a dewatering lagoon. The Amfirol is able to drive trough water, on land and every type of soil in between.

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Dredging at a location where the river bank and infrastructure is unable to support cranes the amphibious dredger is ideal. After assembling the fully dismountable dredger the dredge can enter the water by means of tracks mounted on the side pontoons.

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A lagoon at an industrial site needed continuous dredging to prevent sediment building up. For each lagoon a dredger was build that could work on its own.

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Canal cleaner

Irrigation channels with thin concrete walls needed a delicate dredger. A pump was designed that removes all of the sediment without putting pressure on the concrete.

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Floating excavator

A backhoe dredger build for small scale dredging work in city canals. Able to dredge next to a houseboat and pass a low bridge.

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Tunnel Dredge

To build a tunnel under need a river a dredge was used to remove all material between the cofferdam at a depth of 20 meter.

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