Ir. Gerrit Johan Wilhelm de Jongh in those days working for the national railway company in Haarlem decided to establish a factory for the production of dredging equipment at Oudewater in 1872. We quote a part of Mr. de Jongh’s text dated around 1900:

“It is our sincere intention trying to answer the many questions that people are asking us related to our dredging equipment, the functioning, the power, the dimensions etc. and to show many people not so highly technically educated in our country but who have a direct or indirect interest in the field that can be achieved or improved by dredging, that for almost every particular job an effective and cost efficient dredging machine can be assembled.

We consider it our assignment to design every dredger we manufacture to be suitable for the circumstances in which it will be used. Learning from previously delivered equipment and experiences gained by our highly respected clients has resulted in a constant improvement of components and its details.

The fact that we are at a point in time where we are only at the beginning in our trails for improvement of dredging technology, nobody is more aware of this but ourselves. Although the field we have chosen to invest our technical know-how and efforts, in a country as ours with its many canals, rivers, polders, and its many city’s and community’s surrounded and cut by man made channels, is so enormous and supported by our first efforts that were successfully executed, we still see sufficient possibilities and opportunities to invest the necessary time and effort to reach our goal.”


Machinefabriek De Hollandsche Yssel was established at Oudewater in 1872 and right from the beginning devoted to the design and manufacturing of all kinds of dredging equipment. In the beginning bucket dredgers and later on dismountable and thus transportable cutter suction dredgers have been delivered to all corners in the world to the full satisfaction of the owners such as irrigation, water and power Authorities and private contractors.

The company philosophy is to design and build dredging equipment mainly for inland dredging jobs and by this to fill a certain niche in the market. Supported by the know-how and experience gained from the operation of machines built for their local home market (The Netherlands) where private contractors execute inland dredging jobs for the Authorities, the company tries to be the best in the market.

Like many other companies, since 1995 de Hollandsche Yssel has also gradually but surely entered into the digital era. CAD-CAM, computer aided design and computer aided manufacturing where successfully implemented in the engineering as well as in the production department. Dredging components are further improved and focus is on standardisation of components and systems. Maximum output, minimum down time and minimum maintenance cost are introduced as boundary conditions for the design of modern dredging equipment. Environment and ergonomics are nowadays also standard integrated in the design and the construction of Hollandsche Yssel dredging equipment.

Besides design and manufacturing in the factory in Oudewater, nowadays many jobs are engineered and drawings are made for local manufacturing. By supplying the key components and a set of installation drawings, this method can be effective for our clients and may save on labour and transport cost.