Media 20″ CSD-500

20″ Cutter Suction Dredger

Principal dimensions

Length of assembled pontoons 23,50 m
Width of assembled pontoons 9,60 m
Depth 2,00 m
Draft, ready for service 1,20 m
Suction pipe diameter 500 mm
Dredging depth at angle 45° for ladder 13,70 m
Fuel capacity 20.000 litres
Cutter speed (variable speed) 0-40 rpm. and reverse
Cutter power 190 kW / 254 hp
Main engine Caterpillar 746 kW / 1015 hp
Transportable by road Yes
Biggest part for transport (main pontoon) 14,25 x 3,60 x 3,00 m. & 58 ton

This standard cutter suction dredger is often used for maintenance and capital dredging jobs in rivers or harbours. In fact it is more or less the biggest road transportable cutter suction dredger in the market. There is however a 20″ CSD 500 NEW GENERATION that offers easier transport possibilities more dredging depth, more cutter power and better suction performance, see under special CSD. Gravel, sand and clay cutters can be mounted. Spuds are equipped with free fall function for good bottom penetration. Optionally spud carriage and anchor booms can be installed. These 20″ CSD 500 were delivered to many countries around the world, pictures show dredgers supplied to England, Bangladesh, Iraq and Malaysia.

  • Highly efficient fuel consumption and minimum overall operational costs
  • Directly driven heavy duty double walled dredge pump
  • Effective cutter drive system with direct hydraulic drive in flexible suspension
  • Heavy duty side winches, ladder winch and spuds
  • Hull consists of multiple pontoons connected by proven coupling system
  • Very simple and fast assembly and dis-assembly, afloat or onshore
  • Completely assembled and fully tested before delivery
  • Ready for operation on arrival at site
  • Standard world-wide available gearboxes and hydraulic components
  • Operation by one man from spacious and low noise operating cabin
  • Controls and instruments mounted in ergonomic dash board
  • Good acces to all parts, especially the dredge pump wearing parts
  • Fresh water cooling system
  • Standard design, allowing short delivery times
  • Standard spare parts available from stock
  • Designed as standard to quality for Inland Waters Certificate
  • Optional equipment available
  • Floating- and shore discharge pipeline
  • Booster pump station for extra discharge distance
  • Spud carriage pontoon
  • Aft winch
  • Anchor booms
  • Increased dredging depth
  • Extra high position of operating cabin
  • Swivel bend for floating pipeline connection
  • Air conditioning
  • Harbour set
  • Certificate for coastal service
  • Dredge automation systems
  • Production measuring equipment

All data are indicative and subject to change.


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